I entered the Applied Science & Community Psychology program in the fall of 2014, after completing my Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of Cincinnati. I’ve participated in various research projects, most of which focus on identity and stereotypes. My current primary research interests are identity processes, STEM education, and the influence of stereotypes. When possible, I will upload full-text publications and presentations here.

Please take a look around my website, and if you have any comments or questions please feel free email me at hlperki2@ncsu.edu!



Ph.D. in Applied Social & Community Psychology
North Carolina State University

2014 – Present


B.S., Major in Psychology, Minor in Sociology
University of Cincinnati

2010 – 2013


A.A. in Communication Design
Blue Ash College



Labs & Research

2011-2014 (Undergraduate)

With Dr. Rachel Kallen (at the University of Cincinnati) I investigated stereotypes of women in the media, the effect of inequality in STEM on women’s leadership, and the relationship between gaze and self-objectification.

With Dr. Peter Chiu (University of Cincinnati) I conducted a study testing whether stereotypes types in the media primed participants using a Lexical Decision Task.

2014-Current (Graduate)

With Dr. Mary Wyer (at North Carolina State University) and Jeff Schinske (Foothill College) I have researched the effect of an intervention (Scientist Spotlights) on community college students science identity in an introductory biology class. The relationship between scientist stereotypes and science identity, science interest, confidence, and performance has also been examined. Future studies will explore differences in stereotypes between groups and the role that scientist-self fit plays in self-efficacy.

With Dr. Cheryl Cass (at North Carolina State University and SAS) and Dr. Adam Kirn (at the University of Nevada, Reno) I have studied engineering identity in graduate students. This project, funded by the NSF (#1535254) included qualitative and quantitative phases, and the administration of a survey to over 2000 engineering graduate students.

As part of this team, I have helped examine the differences between undergraduate and graduate engineering identity, as well as how engineering identity is predicted by academic experiences and how well it predicts desired outcomes in turn. As of 2019, the project is in the final qualitative phase data analysis is proceeding; it is expected to wrap up within 1-2 years.

As part of an independent project with then-fellow graduate students Mary Guerrant and Sam Pranger, we interviewed LGBTQ+ graduate students about their scientist and LGBTQ identities, and how the two interact. Data collection was completed in 2018 and analysis is proceeding.

2018-Current (Instructional)

Building off the Scientist Spotlights intervention developed by Jeff Schinske, I have begun developing spotlights for use in psychology classrooms. As part of a grant and project with NC State’s Distance Education and Learning Technology Applications, we have developed an online repository for these spotlights that will allow instructors to share profiles and crowdsource the creation process.

With collaborators Dr. Betty-Shannon Prevatt (Meredith College) and Abby Nance (North Carolina State University) we have examined the demographics of author indexes from several psychology textbooks. Results indicate that researchers cited are overwhelmingly male and white, and that more diverse researchers are generally only cited in elective diversity courses. Future work will examine the impact of these practices on psychology students’ science identities and belonging in psychology.


Primary Instructor

North Carolina State University
  • Spring 2018, 40 students
  • Fall 2017, 40 students
  • Fall 2016, 40 student
  • Spring 2017, 50 students
  • Summer 2018, 5 students
  • Spring 2019, 140 students

Graduate Teaching Assistant

North Carolina State University
  • Spring 2016, 40 students
  • Fall 2015, 200 students
  • Spring 2015, 200 students
  • Fall 2014, 200 students

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

University of Cincinnati
  • Spring 2013, 40 students
  • Spring 2013, 30 students
  • Fall 2013, 100 students
  • Spring 2012, 50 students
  • Fall 2011, 10 students

Professional Development


2018 IEEE Frontiers in Education
Richard Layton, Ph.D. (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology)
Susan M. Lord, Ph.D. (University of San Diego)
Matthew W. Ohland, Ph.D. (Purdue University)
Marisa K. Orr, Ph.D. (Clemson University)
Russell Long (Purdue University)
Nichole Ramirez (Purdue University)


The Friday Institute
Hollylynne Lee, Ph.D. (North Carolina State University)

Sage Publishing Campus
Chris Hench (University of California – Berkeley)
Rachel Jansen (University of California – Berkeley)
Geoff Bacon (University of California – Berkeley)
Chris Kennedy (University of California – Berkeley)

Arizona State University
Gitta Lubke, Ph.D. (University of Notre Dame)
George Marcoulides, Ph.D. (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Kevin J. Grimm, Ph.D. (Arizona State University).


University of Cincinnati
Michael Richardson, Ph.D. (University of Cincinnati)
Rick Dale, Ph.D. (University of California, Merced)
Michael Riley, Ph.D. (University of Cincinnati)
Alex Paxton, Ph.D. (University of California, Merced)
Nikita Kuznetsov, Ph.D (Northeastern University)

University of Texas at Austin.
Sayan Mukherjee, Ph.D. (Duke University)